Spanferkel Experimentations

December 28, 2010

Turn Rudi:

build a device to turn a 20kg ‘Grillferkel’ on a spear

first attempt

Best to buy:
Pollin Getriebemotor
pollin getriebemotor

Also available at pollin: 1,95euro plastic gear set

Torsion force experimentations:
3..12V gear motor

M5 bolt drilled into the drive shaft:

on my bed…

0,5mm sheet of metal:

Gears are fixed with epoxy, nuts and a little torsion shaft.

The 5V source is connected to a potential divider. 2W 3,9Ohm load resistor

Different voltages can be hooked up from a voltage divider.

first working setup… [but still without lights and the discoBall]

–>seems strong…so long…

@27c3 scharnier experimentations:


The moral of the story:
made from plastic,
maybe too enthusiastic…


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