Build a 3D Scanner From A $25 Laser Level

February 2, 2011


Building a 3D Scanner from a netcam and a line level laser sounds like a nice hack… but it’s actually a highly functional and precise tool for bringing the real world into your favorite modeling tools. (We’re talking 5 thousandths of an inch accuracy is possible if you spend a bit more on your netcam and laser!)

Ben Eadie has helped design, build and film three world record holding Human Powered Vehicles. He lives in 3D mechanical CAD programs, and one of his favorite tools for getting objects into his fave modeling tool, SolidWorks, is his home built laser scanner.

He shows us how to build one on this episode of Systm.

The key? A nifty chunk of software called DAVID Laserscanner, the basic version is free, a few minutes with printer, and a corner that has a 90° angle.

Nothing is cooler than taking stuff you already have and cobbling into a very functional tool.

Thanks to Ben for joining us on this episode!

Scanner software

Camera set up with 115fps.

5µm accuracy.

Sponsored by Becks 🙂


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